... And there it is ... !


... the homepage of the Jewish student union of Stuttgart (and Wuerttemberg)!

The history of our development can be summed up like this
(even without words):

Hier kommt ein Bild!

We meet for:
visits of cinema and theatre
journeys and weekend-seminars
sports activities
just pleasant evenings for coffee and cake to be together and to chat
dance parties
and many more interesting activities


The upcoming events you can find here!


And  here is our photo gallery of our last events!!!

If you want to test your sence of humor and your eloquence or just want to amuse then you are here at the right place!


And one more link: our big brother (German federal union of Jewish students):
BJSD - Bundesverband Juedischer Studenten in Deutschland .



If you want to know more about us or to get in contact with us, just write an email to
SVS Chair
(Don't forget the jewish miraculous password (no, it is not "Please", as every one knows it is  "Nu!!!!" !) )



We hope that you liked our page
We are looking forward to any critics or comments.
If you have any ideas or proposes or just want to tell anything write an e-mail to


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